Marketing Resources

Press Releases:  Via press release each year LSU will release an alphabetical listing of the current year’s LSU100 companies and following the ranking announcement will also release a ranked list press release.  Honoree companies are welcome to issue their own press releases recognizing their individual company and it’s tiger leaders.

Use of LSU100 Logos:  LSU100 is a designation given to the fastest-growing alumni businesses within a calendar year. Therefore honoree companies may only use LSU100 logos to affiliate your business with the LSU100 list and not to imply endorsement by or partnership agreements with LSU.

Following the completion of the year in which your business is listed as an LSU One Hundred business, you must use the Honoree version of the logo that includes the year your listing occurred. Your year is complete when the list for the following year is released.

LSU One Hundred logos may not be used on your business system items like letterhead, business cards, email signatures, etc.

The LSU One Hundred logo may not be incorporated into other logos or aligned with artwork to create a new logo. Borders, boxes, or shapes may not be placed around or behind the LSU One Hundred logo, including a white box.

There must be a protected area surrounding the logo. The height of the logo should be the minimum space on all sides. The LSU One Hundred logo should never appear smaller than 1.5 inches in width.

The LSU One Hundred logo may only appear in the official LSU colors: purple, gold, black, white, and gray. The logo must appear using 100 percent full saturation of the official colors. Tinting is not allowed. The PMS, CMYK, and RGB mixes for the LSU colors are listed in the chart below.

At no time is placing anything in front of, adding a stroke or outline to, or adding gradients, drop shadows, patterns, or effects permissible for any LSU One Hundred logo.

In written and verbal communication, LSU should always be referred to as Louisiana State University or LSU.  LSU should never be referred to as Louisiana State, LSU Baton Rouge, L.S.U., or other aliases different from the official names listed above.

Louisiana State University should always be in upper and lowercase letters or all uppercase letters. Never all lowercase letters.

LSU should always appear in all uppercase letters. It should never appear in lowercase letters (LSU) except for URLs.

Guidelines are subject to change at LSU’s sole discretion and without notice.

LSU Color Chart: LSU100LogoColorsPDF